ACF can regretfully confirm some of our supporters’ personal information has been compromised in the Pareto data breach.

We have notified 13,500 supporters who have been affected.

We understand no ACF supporters’ credit card information or identifying documents are involved.

There is no evidence of misuse of the personal information of any of ACF’s supporters.

ACF’s own systems have not been impacted by this incident in any way.

We are very sorry this has happened.

We care about our supporters, so we are dismayed that the personal information of some of them has been compromised by a service provider.

We trusted Pareto with our supporters’ personal information so the company could help us raise funds to continue our environmental protection and advocacy work.

We are concerned Pareto kept old data it should have destroyed.

We are suspending our relationship with Pareto immediately.

ACF Media Enquiries

Journalists with enquiries may contact Josh Meadows on 0439 342 992. For all other enquiries please call 1800 223 669 or email [email protected]