Today the Albanese Government has started consulting environment, industry and First Nations stakeholders on key details of a new generation of laws to protect the wildlife and nature we love.

It’s a big milestone in our campaign to stop nature destruction, and a crucial moment for us to remind Prime Minister Anthony Albanese that communities across Australia want his government to urgently deliver strong new laws that end extinction.

Nature needs us, now. So let’s speak up now, all at once, to send a powerful message for nature across Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram, and via email.

Here’s all the instructions you need to send a positive message about why you want nature protected on the platform/s of your choice. Have fun and remember to make your message respectful as this helps it to get noticed by decision makers!

Comment on Facebook

Go to this post on Anthony Albanese’s Facebook page and write a comment about why you want nature protected urgently.

You can weave in any of the talking points below, but make sure you personalise your message:

  • We need strong new laws now to protect Australia’s threatened animals and plants, and stop the destruction of the places they call home.
  • Over 2,000 threatened animals and plants need new nature laws urgently. The longer we wait, the more extinctions we’ll get.
  • Strong laws should be backed up by an independent regulator, to oversee and enforce the rules.
  • Strong laws need to address the urgent threats of climate damage to nature, and reject proposals that cause climate harm.

The Prime Minister gets lots of comments on all sorts of topics. If you 'like' and reply to other comments about strong nature laws, it will help elevate them in the comment feed so more people will see them.

Post on X (formerly Twitter)

Send your message directly to the Prime Minister and Environment Minister on X! We’ve helped you get started with this sample post, but your message will be more powerful if you personalise it.

Or follow these instructions:

  • Log in to X.
  • Next, write your post and include "@albomp" and "@tanya_plibersek" so the Ministers receive your message. Sample post: “@albomp @tanya_plibersek please urgently introduce strong nature laws that protect Australia’s incredible wildlife and places. Over 2,000 threatened animals and plants depend on it! #SaveOurBigBackyard #EndExtinction”.
  • Include the hashtag #SaveOurBigBackyard, then hit the "Post" button to send out your message.

‘Like’ and ‘retweet’ other people’s posts so they spread far and wide!


We’ve created a handy augmented reality (AR) filter that features some of Australia’s iconic wildlife to help engage your networks and politicians on Instagram!

  • Open the AR filter on a smartphone or tablet (you'll need to be logged into Instagram).
  • Select one of five 3D native animal avatars, click ‘how you can help’, and tap the circle to take a photo, or hold it down to make a video.
  • Post to your reels or story and tag @AlboMP, along with a message about why you want Australian wildlife protected.

A list of priorities for new nature laws.New laws are make-or-break for so much of the Australian nature that’s at risk of being lost forever. Read our blog about what nature laws need to deliver.

Send an email

If you’re not on social media, write a quick email to the Prime Minister. Reaching decision makers through many different channels reinforces our message and multiplies our impact.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll have a firmer view of the government’s vision for nature protection in Australia. Passing new laws is complex and takes time, and nature will need you to lend it your voice again soon.

Thank you for speaking up! 



Header: Annette Ruzicka.

Brendan Sydes

National Biodiversity Policy Adviser