Our community created ACF and our community powers us today. Thank you to our amazing volunteers who show up, speak out and act.

Library volunteers

Maelor Himbury
Mary Trudzik

Fundraising volunteers

Belinda Atchison
Nick Pastalatzis

Communication and campaign volunteers

Matilda Bowra
Lauren Burns
D'Arcy Horam
Freia Johnston
Vishal Karna
Kate Noble

Donor services volunteers

Beryl Blake
Kate Wood

Social media moderators

Saskia Adysti
Emmanuel Arnold
Louella Carr
Nadia Floreani
Joanna Hewes
Camille Lloyd
Jacqueline Mitchell
Anita Ngov
Marissa Paine
Cara Rixon
Ann Seward
Eleni Sgardelis
Gemma Snowball
Isabella Stacey
Luc Van Vliet
Sarah Winter-Irving


Julian Atchison, Group Health Coordinator
Lauren Burns, Campaign Coach (Nature)
Ben Cox, Campaign Coach (Climate)
Kelly De los Santos, Recruitment Coach
Emily Gregg, Story Mobilisation Coordinator
Kelly Griffin, Training Support Coordinator
Emily Keane, Welcome Team Leader
Kirsten MacLeod, New Group Support Coordinator
Madeline Price, Fellowship Support Coordinator
Samantha Sweeney, Network Support Coordinator
Rachael Szumski, Social Media Coach
James Temple, Network Support Coordinator (Community Comms)
Brigitte Walsh, Social Media Moderator
Team Leader
Sarah Wookey, Story Collection Coordinator