04 March 15

Queensland’s 'beautiful but fragile' environment needs attention

The importance of the environment in the recent Queensland state election is beyond doubt, writes Andrew Picone

04 March 15

South Australia's uranium Royal Commission fails public interest test

It's vital that the South Australian royal commission into uranium mining does not become a taxpayer-funded nuclear industry promotional platform, writes Dave Sweeney

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19 February 15

This is Australia calling! Bipartisan climate leadership urgently needed

News from the United Kingdom this week shows what is possible when political leaders work together in the best interests of a nation rather than tearing each other apart, writes ACF's CEO Kelly O'Shanassy

18 February 15

Jobs and investment on the line as ideology abounds

The federal government’s ideological stance against the environment threatens investment and jobs, writes ACF economist Matthew Rose.

16 February 15

South Australia Out Of Step With Global Nuclear Energy Trends

The Royal Commission into uranium in South Australia will only distract us from the urgent need to shift to clean, green energy sources, and it runs against global trends away from nuclear power, writes Dave Sweeney and Jim Green

10 February 15

South Australia's nuclear inquiry mustn't become free PR

The nuclear royal commission is a response to South Australia’s poor fortune, the nuclear lobby, and concerns over climate change. It must remain independent, writes Dave Sweeney

05 February 15

It’s the environment, stupid!

In the fallout of the Queensland election, one thing is clear: Australians don't just care about their hip pocket, writes Paul Sinclair

29 January 15

Uranium legacy longer than politicians promises

The potential fallout from the lifting of uranium bans in Queensland will have repercussions well beyond the election, writes Dave Sweeney.