The Trudeau effect: has climate inaction become an election-losing strategy?

23 October 15

Uranium miner in the firing line over Kakadu burn

14 October 15

A week-long fire in the World Heritage listed Kakadu has caused significant environmental damage and threatened Aboriginal art and cultural sites, writes Dave Sweeney

Global warming: Barrier Reef under threat of coral bleaching and 'The Blob'

14 October 15

Frydenberg must direct infrastructure fund to real nation building

28 September 15

Pope's climate views open the door for Turnbull

24 September 15

Connections between Australian politics and coal lobby run deep

17 September 15

India uranium red-light a test for Tony Abbott

09 September 15

While Prime Minister Abbott and Foreign Minister Bishop have been strong supporters of selling Australian uranium to India, many others, including key Australian diplomats and insiders, remain far more circumspect, writes Dave Sweeney

Abbott’s safeguard mechanism is effectively a license to pollute

02 September 15

The Abbott Government’s safeguard mechanism released today begs the prickly question: is the Government simply safeguarding the right to pollute, asks Suzanne Harter