26 March 15

Australia and India face a graver test than cricket

Against the backdrop of Australia and India squaring up in the World Cup cricket, the two nations now face a test with much graver consequences, write Dave Sweeney and Jim Green

24 March 15

Don’t close the door on Indigenous opportunities on country

There has been much talk about the cold hard costs of maintaining remote Aboriginal communities but little air time given to the opportunities, employment options and services that these provide our wider nation, writes Wade Freeman

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19 March 15

Big polluters report - Dirtiest players must reform

While the Prime Minister believes ‘coal is good for humanity’, his views will be challenged as the world prepares for crucial UN climate talks in Paris later this year, writes ACF president Geoff Cousins

11 March 15

Fukushima four years on – what lessons has Australia learnt?

Fukushima remains a profound human, economic and environmental tragedy - and Australian uranium exports must shoulder some of that blame, writes Dave Sweeney

10 March 15

Let's talk about climate

In an interview with ACF's James Norman, Naomi Klein asks: What if part of the reason so many of us have failed to act is not because we are too selfish, but because we are utterly overwhelmed by how much we do care?

06 March 15

Marcia Langton should go back to the drawing board on mining agreement praise

Declaring mining agreements a success in Aboriginal communities after reviewing less than two percent of agreements seems a stretch, writes Dave Sweeney

06 March 15

Lifting India out of poverty and pollution

India’s air is cutting 660 million lives short by about three years, while nearly all of the country’s 1.2 billion citizens are breathing in harmful pollution levels, writes Kelly O’Shanassy

05 March 15

Govt report locks in intergenerational theft

By ignoring one of the most important policy areas facing government’s globally – climate change – the Intergenerational Report has fallen over the first hurdle, writes Matthew Rose