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It’s time to make our democracy fair for everyone. 

Sign the open letter calling on our elected representatives to work together to get big money out of our political system and put people and planet back in.

Open letter

To our elected representatives,

We call on you to work together to get big money out of our political system and put people back in.

This means:

  • Banning large donations to political parties and candidates.
  • Increasing the transparency of political donations, including real time reporting of donations. 
  • Limiting expenditure at election times so corporations can’t use their oversized  wallets to drown out our voices.
  • Creating an independent watchdog to investigate and stamp out corruption.
  • Stronger lobbying regulation and greater transparency so we know who’s meeting with our elected representatives and why.

Latest Supporters

There may be some good intentions/actions in some big corporations but by & large, their focus is on profit for the company
Teresa 2021-09-21 05:55:31 +1000
Yvonne 2021-09-20 21:41:14 +1000
Terry 2021-09-20 15:06:16 +1000
Graham 2021-09-20 13:31:31 +1000
Sheena 2021-09-20 13:15:11 +1000
Parliamentary lobbyists should be abandoned Election donations should also be made illegal as these current processes seek to buy favours from political parties: hence – corruption .
Lindsay 2021-09-19 17:45:35 +1000
Maryclare 2021-09-19 10:52:45 +1000
The essence of democracy is governing for the people. We only have one planet
Geoff 2021-09-18 12:42:13 +1000
Democracy is for the people by the people, to protect and support the people. It should not be for sale, corruptable or unethical.
Michael 2021-09-18 09:09:04 +1000
It’s time to govern for the people not the fossil fuel companies offering the biggest bribes
Adam 2021-09-17 21:07:31 +1000
Emily 2021-09-17 20:55:39 +1000
Leigh 2021-09-17 19:48:29 +1000
Big corporations white ant democracy with their power, money and influence. With their vested interests, they lobby our representatives hard and so the democratic process is corrupted. We are seeing the catastrophic consequences of these corporations’ activities play out before our eyes, and we’ve got to use our power in numbers to try and turn this around
Mitzi 2021-09-17 17:43:45 +1000
Government is for the people not for the billionaires, get corruption out of politics.
Garry 2021-09-17 16:31:44 +1000
Governments need to do what is right for their nation. Their decisions should not be influenced by corporations and mining companies who are to get what interests them only.
Vicky 2021-09-17 15:41:05 +1000
Mitchell 2021-09-17 14:45:47 +1000
We supposedly live in a Democracy. To me this means that every citizen has a vote and thus a say in the directions the country takes. Unhappily in our current circumstances various wealthy power blocks and companies subvert that process. That means that in reality we do not live in a Democracy. Therefore the political representatives should either accept no funding or else announce that they’ve been mistaken in referring to our way of Government as Democratic and re-name it Plutocratic.
The current system stinks of bribery and of the influence of money on the elected Parliamentary representatives.
I think that Corporate donations should be completely banned and that a ceiling of ,say, $1000.00 dollars should be placed on individual donations.
Further, I think it would help the honesty of the Parliamentary system was overseen by an independent watchdog which had the power to publish all donations, including the employers of individual donors.
Most of our Parliamentarians are great at talking about regulation and transparency but they are not seen to live in that way.
Fred 2021-09-17 14:31:00 +1000
greed and dishonesty is fuelling our destruction
Kestrel 2021-09-17 13:58:56 +1000
One vote one value seems like a naive concept but that is what democracy stands on. All adult citizens get a vote. For us to believe in the system and the value of our vote, all who care about ideals of democracy and freedom, must vigorously oppose the bribery of our representatives and their parties by the influence of big money donations.
Phillip 2021-09-17 13:27:33 +1000
Onni 2021-09-17 11:42:03 +1000
Fiorenza 2021-09-17 10:02:32 +1000
Aiyana 2021-09-17 07:36:47 +1000
Lauren McFarlane
Lauren 2021-09-16 22:12:37 +1000
Corporations are not people and should not be allowed to donate to political parties at all – that is simply legal bribery and destroys a functioning democracy. At a minimum, we need real time reporting of donations with no loopholes.
Tom 2021-09-16 21:52:50 +1000
People deserve to know who is paying for the decisions which affect us all. We need total transparency , easy access 24/7 to a site where we can see ALL political donations of any amount or kind and a system where auditors can check politician’s personal and political accounts. We have lost trust .
Kate 2021-09-16 21:22:41 +1000
Damien Ziebell
Damien 2021-09-16 20:52:09 +1000
Arielle 2021-09-16 20:07:58 +1000
Renea 2021-09-16 19:26:07 +1000
Survival. The people with power, by virtue of their enormous wealth, always get what they want through bribery and coercion. Our political system was designed to prevent democracy, not be democracy.
The powerful people of the time made sure they had a ‘back door’ to power. They had no intention of transferring power ‘to the people’. The result is there for all to see.
The only two political parties that have a chance to form Government have the same policies on fossil fuels, taxation and the destruction of civil liberties.
Both will champion defence spending because, guess what? They’re preparing for the wars that unchecked global warming will bring.
Would the people condemn themselves to poverty, misery and death?
Of course not! There is no democracy.
Roy 2021-09-16 18:30:42 +1000
Trust is a big issue with our politicians. when we start to believe what our politicians are saying is true on topics like this we will believe them on other issues. Playing the mates game only feeds to ever growing conspiracy theorists and this accepts everything including whether people trust in vaccinations. Integrity is everything.
Teresa 2021-09-16 16:45:17 +1000