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Open letter:

"As people from all across Australia, we call on the federal government and Resources Minister Madeleine King to stop the double-handling and relocation of radioactive waste to a highly contested regional facility proposed near Kimba in regional South Australia.

The Intermediate Level Waste should remain where it is securely stored at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation's Lucas Heights facility, pending the outcome of an open review of future management options to identify a credible long-term solution. It's time for us to advance responsible waste management that keeps communities and nature safe."

A waste dump in Kimba would be bad news

The Morrison Government committed to a deeply flawed national plan to dump radioactive waste in one of our regional communities – near the town of Kimba in South Australia.

Radioactive waste risks our air, soil and water. It damages the genetic and reproductive systems of plants, animals and people. And this waste lasts for up to ten thousand years.

Our communities should not face such an intergenerational burden, especially when most have not had a say and the Barngarla Native Title holders are explicitly opposed to the plan.

95% of Australia’s most serious radioactive waste is currently managed at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation’s (ANSTO) Lucas Heights site in southern Sydney.

This is the best place to store our worst waste until a lasting solution is adopted.

Storing the waste in a regional community, and double handling it is unnecessary and irresponsible – especially as our federal nuclear regulator has confirmed it can be safely stored at ANSTO ‘for decades to come’. 

As well as lacking a clear rationale, the federal plan inherited from the Morrison government is also deficient in relation to community consultation and consent Barngarla Traditional Owners were excluded from a Kimba community ballot, and communities across South Australia and along potential transport corridors have not had a say in the plan.

Instead, let's call on the Minister to embrace evidence-based, responsible waste management.

Sign the open letter now asking Resources Minister Madeleine King to keep the radioactive waste securely stored at the best place until we adopt a credible and evidence-based approach to long-term waste management.

Latest Supporters

Dayna 2023-02-26 18:42:55 +1100
Joshua 2023-02-26 17:51:35 +1100
Let’s find alternatives, surely this is not the best we can do.
Carolyne 2023-02-26 17:40:41 +1100
Emma 2023-02-26 17:12:53 +1100
We do not have legitimate authority to make this decision for countless future generations
Alexis 2023-02-26 15:49:02 +1100
Alexandra 2023-02-26 15:36:49 +1100
Kimba is our pantry not their toilet.
9980 Drums of radioactive material, many rusting and exposed to the elements at Woomera have taught us that isolation doesn’t negate the necessity of rolling stewardship.
ANSTO, Lucas Heights is Australia’s most logistically centralized radioactive dump based on volume per kilometer transported and should remain so.
Greg. 2023-02-26 14:18:15 +1100
Shae 2023-02-26 13:46:39 +1100
Eilish 2023-02-26 09:12:21 +1100
I want safe responsible waste management because everyone deserves to live safely and in a healthy environment. It is a right, not a privilege. Store it at ANSTO. Don’t take sort cuts to save money. This is too important.
Rachel 2023-02-26 08:57:30 +1100
Nuclear waste has a half life well beyond our lifetimes, and we have no right to make decisions detrimental to future generations.
Jason 2023-02-26 08:50:36 +1100
Beck 2023-02-26 08:26:35 +1100
Hugh 2023-02-26 07:59:47 +1100
Douglas 2023-02-26 07:48:10 +1100
Gaie 2023-02-26 02:38:31 +1100
Bettina 2023-02-26 02:18:53 +1100
Monica 2023-02-26 01:03:19 +1100
Pam 2023-02-25 22:25:40 +1100
It’s just obvious that radioactive waste is managed responsibly
Sarah 2023-02-25 22:03:20 +1100
Skye 2023-02-25 22:00:34 +1100
Renate 2023-02-25 21:08:54 +1100
Kym 2023-02-25 20:53:11 +1100
I would like the labor federal government to do better! So far the environment portfolio outcomes have been very poor and only slightly better than LNP
Susan 2023-02-25 20:39:09 +1100
Colette 2023-02-25 19:57:44 +1100
I want responsible waste management because we only get one shot at this, there is huge imbalances in the environment. We need to put environmental considerations as our top priority
Kerrie 2023-02-25 19:42:25 +1100
helaine 2023-02-25 19:36:07 +1100
Anne 2023-02-25 19:23:57 +1100
We can’t keep going on like this for the sake of our future generations. Please do the right thing NOW to secure their future.
Pamela 2023-02-25 19:20:39 +1100
Malcolm 2023-02-25 19:05:55 +1100
Leslie 2023-02-25 18:47:23 +1100