They are ramping up their scare campaign. Shock jocks on soap boxes. Politicians digging up the same old three-word slogans. Big polluting companies desperately chasing a quick buck while they still can.

Meanwhile, our reefs are bleaching before our eyes. These companies pump so much pollution into our skies, they have damaged 93 per cent of the Great Barrier Reef.

Enough is enough.

The political argy-bargy about cutting pollution and shifting to clean energy has gone on for 15 years, and this election is shaping up to be yet another flash point. We are living with the consequences of our politicians’ inaction. There is no time to lose.

Can you help counter the scare campaign and put the reef on the agenda of every political party?

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On Tuesday, our lawyers will present ACF’s case in the Federal Court to challenge the government to stop Adani’s Carmichael Coal Mine. The mine must not go ahead. Our reef is already bleaching – and they haven’t even dug or burnt any Carmichael coal.

And any day now, the Prime Minister will call a federal election.

With your help, we will build a massive wave of people power to demand our politicians get serious about cutting pollution and protecting life.

While politicians peddle slogans and spin, your donation will publish scorecards rating each party on their environmental commitments so people know what they are really voting for.

While the Minerals Council pushes multi-million dollar ‘coal is amazing’ ads, your donation will make possible tens of thousands of conversations with real people in suburbs across Australia about the things we love and the future we want.

While the Murdoch press runs shock-horror zombie front pages mocking climate action, your donation will power a grassroots social media campaign to reach millions of Australians about what matters.

While the dinosaurs say it’s all too hard, we’re launching a leadership forum with 17 big names from business and the community to develop a blueprint for a clean energy transformation.

And while spin doctors try to make it look like Australians aren’t interested in a healthy future, with your donation, we will deliver thousands of voter pledges to candidates in every electorate so they cannot doubt how much we, the people, care.

This election, our politicians will make a choice. A choice that will define our future for generations. Will they listen to the big polluters who are destroying our reefs? Or will they choose a world with clean energy where our reefs and our grandchildren can thrive?

Together, we can change the story for the reef.

Donate today so we can put pollution, the reef and clean energy on the agenda of every political party.

Kelly O’Shanassy

CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation.