Want to switch to clean energy and support ACF’s campaigns at the same time?

ACF is excited to announce that for the next three months, ZEN Energy will make a donation to ACF on behalf of all residential solar installation customers in New South Wales and South Australia.

Between 1 April and 30 June, the company will donate $300 to ACF for every residential solar installation, and $500 to ACF for every residential solar and battery installation.


About ZEN Energy

ZEN Energy’s purpose is to lead communities into the zero-carbon world.

Its name, ZEN, stands for Zero Emissions Now.

The company works to build communities for a cleaner future. Recent projects include working with 25 local Sydney councils to provide renewable energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 150 tonnes a year, and partnering with Solar Schools in South Australia.

Through Solar Schools, ZEN is engaging students in a comprehensive, science-based platform to learn about solar energy and engage in creating their own sustainable future.


Supporting the ACF Community

CEO Anthony Garnaut says, “The work that ACF does to create a safe and healthy future for everyone is something that we must get behind.”

“ACF is focused on grassroots community action – and so is ZEN,” he says.

“We are absolutely joined in our desire to act now.”

“We were born from the desire to create change, and so was ACF. That makes this a perfect pairing.” – Anthony Garnaut, ZEN Energy CEO

Thanks to ZEN Energy

ACF wishes to acknowledge and thank the team at ZEN Energy for choosing to support ACF through this generous initiative.

Every donation to ACF will power our work to solve the climate and extinction crisis, and create a tomorrow that’s good for everyone and every living thing.

Plus, you’ll be reducing your own carbon footprint at home and reducing your energy costs at the same time.

To find out more, visit the ZEN Energy website.



All images: Zen Energy

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