This summer, ACF is partnering with AAP FactCheck to stop the spread of disinformation about our environment. 

Right now, we have access to more information than at any other point in history.

But opponents of climate action – from coal and gas companies, to politicians and media tycoons – are spreading disinformation to cast doubt on scientific evidence and prevent us from focusing on solutions. They are eroding our democracy and holding back urgent action on climate change and nature protection.

That's why, this summer, ACF is supporting the Australian Associated Press’s (AAP) FactCheck unit to scrutinise statements made about climate change and the environment.

Having professional, independent information experts – in this case journalists – check contentious claims made in the public arena is sensible, responsible business practice. It is a process accepted by industry and increasingly demanded by the public.

Since the project started in mid-December, AAP FactCheck has already run the ruler over false or misleading claims by federal politicians and journalists, including Craig KellyMatt Canavan and Judith Sloan.

The project will continue until mid-February, with a dedicated fact-checker publishing articles on the AAP FactCheck website

Climate change is the most serious issue facing our society, and the public has a right to accurate information about its causes and consequences. We want to help make sure that happens. 

Because everyone deserves access to the facts.

Paul Sheridan

Strategic Communications, Public Affairs, Media Relations, Research and Policy