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Let's stand up to Adani

Prime Minister Turnbull is considering giving a $1 billion handout of public money to Adani to fund its dirty coal empire that will destroy our beautiful reef.

With your help today let’s stand up against Adani and change the course of history. Together, we will:

  • Challenge the mine in Federal Court. We finally have an appeal date – 3 March 2017.
  • Target the big banks so they don’t lend Adani a cent.
  • Pressure Malcolm Turnbull to keep his promise not to give Adani any public money for its mine or coal railway.
  • Expose the global damage Adani coal would cause our reef, people and planet.
  • Scrutinise Adani’s plans and expose the shortfalls to regulators.
  • Push the Queensland government to back clean energy, not coal.
  • Create a positive campaign about Queensland’s clean energy jobs boom and the 69,000 jobs that rely on the reef.
  • Run community campaign training on 17-19 March to create a powerful, united movement and to show our leaders that Adani has no place in Australia’s future.