We show up, speak out and act

We push for bold solutions, because the problems we face are big and urgent. We use evidence-based advocacy, courage, creativity and common sense to make this country a better place.

As an advocacy organisation, we expose corruption and destruction and create real solutions for a better future. We champion our trees, communities, reefs and wildlife.


Our change strategy

Change the story

Stories matter. They shape what people see as possible. That’s why we’re disrupting the old story that destruction is inevitable. We are seeding new stories of hope, courage and connection to inspire people to act.

Build people power

We are building a wave of people who care and act into powerful, organised communities. Together, we’re holding decision makers to account, pushing for real change and creating a better world.

Fix the system

We can’t fix the pollution and extinction crisis one spot fire at a time. That’s why we’re taking on the big structural challenges – laws, institutions and decisions – so we can keep enjoying life on this beautiful country.

Together, we can make change

Change only happens when people come together and demand it.

People with the desire to make a difference, united — that’s all it takes to change the world.

Because people who care spoke up, kids can snorkel the Great Barrier Reef with no oil rigs. The Franklin River still flows. We have National Parks and thriving marine sanctuaries. Our cars no longer run on leaded petrol.

We are nature's advocates

Big polluter lobby groups say we should plant trees. Instead, we campaign to stop logging companies from chopping them down.

We amplify the voices of those who would not otherwise be heard. Voices of critters, families and future generations. People who love snorkeling the reef, seeing critters in the wild and harvesting energy from their rooftops.

Advocacy matters

We remind our elected representatives of their responsibility to make good choices for people and our planet.

Our campaigners work at every level, from the halls of Parliament to town hall meetings, from the newsrooms to the board rooms. Our successful track record means decision makers listen to our advice.

And when they need an extra push, we bring together strategic alliances and the grassroots power of thousands of citizens to urge those in power to put people and the planet ahead of big polluters.

ACF's National Agenda 2018

Australians expect our government to have a plan to protect nature and stop climate damage. Our National Agenda outlines ten actions a good government would take to make this happen.

It sets out the policy agenda that the ACF Community is advocating for. It has specific demands and evidence-based tests of success across all of our major campaigns.

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