Follow the progress of passionate environmental supporter and hiker Campbell Gome as he treks the Australian Alps for Climb It For Climate.

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Day 14:  Mt Selwyn - Mt Murray

The southern summit of Mt Selwyn is granite, but after dropping down a bit in the morning then up to the main summit we were back in the sedimentary layers of the main range. For much of the morning we walked through country affected by the 19-20 fires, and recovering logging coupes. Marc pointed out the flatter blades of the tussock grass poa hothamensis, a good indication that we're heading the right way. 

We are now two weeks into our walk. We should reach Mt Hotham around midday tomorrow. 

Elevation gained today: 950m

Total elevation gained: 11845m 

Distance today: 12km

Total distance: 220km


Day 15: Mt Murray - Mt Hotham

After a chilly (-2 deg C) night on Mt Murray we woke to frozen tent flies but were warm in our tents, and warmer after a morning coffee. 

A 10km stroll on jeep tracks brought us onto the main road just below the Hotham summit, where we were met by our support superstar. 

We ducked down to Bright for a shower, meal and night in a bed, and to work out supplies, logistics, etc with the seven extras who are walking with us for the next five days. 

We had a lovely Thai meal with friends and family in the Bright Senior Citizen's Hall. It might or might not also have been a celebration of Marc's partner's birthday. 


Elevation gained today: 795m

Total elevation gained: 12640m

Distance today: 10km

Total distance: 230km

Mount Hotham snow

Photo: Mount Hotham snow, Campbell Gome.

Day 16: Mt Hotham - Cope Saddle

Our 'party week' with seven extras joining us for the next stretch through Dhudhuroa country began with snow. 

We had spectacular scenery and chilly fingers and toes as we walked from Mt Hotham up onto the Bogong high plains.

 For two of our party this was their first overnight hike and they've been absolute superstars. 

Elevation gained today: 635m

Total elevation gained: 13275m

Distance today: 19km

Total distance: 249km


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Campbell Gome

Campbell Gome is hiking the Australian Alps for Climb It For Climate