The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) says the Turnbull government’s move to allow the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to invest in so-called ‘clean coal’ is an illogical backward step that will cost Australians jobs in renewable energy and increase pollution.

“Ordering CEFC to invest in coal technology is like telling the health department to invest in tobacco. This is a reckless move from a government that is captured by big fossil fuel companies. It doesn’t have any kind of plan for energy and climate policy,” said ACF CEO Kelly O’Shanassy.

“Not only is investment in so-called clean coal a waste of public money, it will actually make our pollution problem worse by delaying investment in clean wind and solar. Malcolm Turnbull’s credibility in taking action on climate change is in tatters.

“There is no such thing as clean coal. This is a massive blow to CEFC, a fantastic initiative that has been helping to create new jobs and tackle carbon pollution.

“Malcolm Turnbull has taken another cue from the former Abbott government’s approach to energy policy. Together they are responsible for Australia’s energy mess because they have failed to invest adequately in renewables.

“On Malcolm Turnbull’s watch pollution has been rising while the Great Barrier Reef is dying, yet this government continues to prop up dirty coal and undermine the transition to clean energy.

“Wind and solar with storage is cheaper, cleaner and safer than anything else. But the Turnbull government would prefer to prop up their mates in the polluting coal industry than they would bring down pollution and energy prices for the rest of us.

“We need more renewable energy and storage technology to keep prices down and reduce pollution, not a fantasy coal technology.

“The CEFC was established in 2012 to mobilise private sector investment to ramp up the deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Today’s announcement is a corruption of the original mandate of the CEFC.”

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