Get ready for making calls! Here's all the information you need.

Thank you for making calls to make the next election the climate election! You will be having conversations with the wonderful people of Bonner in Queensland. Here is everything you need to print or have on your screen ready for making calls:

  • Calling Party Instructions: these are instructions to go with the script, for using the dialler and entering the responses after each conversation.
  • Calling Party Campaign Informationthis explains the electorate you're calling, and has some useful info for using in calls.
  • Calling Party Script: this gives you an idea of how to structure your conversations, with highlighted text things we must say to comply with electoral and privacy laws.

If you can host calling parties before the election, check out the calling party host guide and get in touch with a member of the ACF People Power team! Email us at [email protected] or call Joel on 03 9345 1123.

Looking forward to calling with you all!


Sofia Castrejon