One thing nearly all Australians share is a love for our native birds and animals. But as we face increasing threats from climate damage and extreme weather, it’s our wildlife who are often impacted the most.

Our wildlife face water shortages, habitat destruction, heat stress and injuries. Extreme weather can destroy natural homes and can leave many animals without food.

By signing up for this pocket-sized guide, you will have some key tips to carry with you wherever you go – so you know what to do in an emergency and how to care for wildlife around you. Whether you’re out bushwalking, home in the garden or out on the balcony, this guide can be your go-to.

It’s heart-warming to see people like you coming together to care for Australian animals and birds in distress – especially in the aftermath of bushfires, storms, floods and cyclones, and during extreme heatwaves and droughts.

Thanks for being a wildlife hero.

Header photo: Doug Gimesy