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Coles and Woolworths both claim they’re doing good things for our climate.

So why are these supermarkets both card-carrying members of one of Australia’s shadiest climate-wrecking lobby groups: the Business Council of Australia (BCA)? It just doesn't check out. 

Over the past few decades the BCA has strategically undermined a long list of climate policies in Australia. As a result, climate pollution in this country is going up, not down like it must if we are to continue enjoying life on our beautiful planet.

By weakening the BCA’s membership, we can neutralise their influence over climate policy in Australia – and get back on track in building a future that’s good for everyone and every living thing.

Sign the open letter now asking Coles and Woolworths to leave the climate-wrecking BCA:

As customers, shareholders and employees of Coles and Woolworths, we call on the supermarket giants to leave the Business Council of Australia (BCA) – it continues to undermine climate policy in Australia and advocate for the weakening of environmental laws.

We are concerned about the climate crisis and want action.

Latest Supporters

Ingrid 2019-11-04 00:26:57 +1100
Tracy 2019-11-03 21:11:47 +1100
We need Climate Action NOW!
BCA need to get out of the way of progress. Coles should not be associating themselves with such dinosaurs.
Peter 2019-11-03 17:55:45 +1100
We need a better world. Money can’t be over everything
Mario 2019-11-03 16:53:58 +1100
Helen 2019-11-03 15:48:50 +1100
Mark 2019-11-03 11:34:51 +1100
Lucas 2019-11-03 10:51:37 +1100
I’m a retired psychologist, teacher, and a mariner. One thing I’ve learned: we can’t eat or breathe money. You are mistaken if you think “business” will be exempt from climate change impacts. Show some integrity and get out if the BCA now! Margaret Moorhouse
Margaret 2019-11-03 10:05:27 +1100
Being a member of the BCA will not improve your reputation
David 2019-11-03 09:13:55 +1100
Karin 2019-11-03 08:44:19 +1100
Jean 2019-11-03 04:07:55 +1100
Peter 2019-11-02 16:34:02 +1100
Fiona 2019-11-02 11:06:06 +1100
Joanne L Lowe
Joanne 2019-11-02 06:42:16 +1100
Dear Coles and Woolworth, I am a mother, grandmother, sister, aunty, early childhood educator, and teacher. I have many people whom I care for. I would like to break your link with the Business Council of Australia because they have consistently undermined numerous climate policies. You and us know that good climate policies are good for our welfare. I look forward to hearing that you have taken this action of breaking the working relationship with BCA.
Yours sincerely,
Tam` 2019-11-02 00:50:18 +1100
Andrea 2019-11-01 23:00:17 +1100
Joanna 2019-11-01 22:34:44 +1100
Despite the BCA’s stated policy of accepting climate change and the need for climate action, its actions aggressively sabotage any actual policies designed to address climate change.
John 2019-11-01 18:45:41 +1100
Grant Rafter
Grant 2019-11-01 15:40:48 +1100
Thomas 2019-11-01 09:59:13 +1100
Mitchell Connolly
Mitchell 2019-11-01 08:51:36 +1100
Glenda 2019-10-31 23:05:56 +1100
Getting rid of single use plastic bags was a good first move. Now they need to stop selling yogurt and custard in small single use tubes. Mothers give them to children to suck on. Getting all the contents out is very difficult and teaches the children bad eating habits.
Paul 2019-10-31 21:59:28 +1100
Dear Woolies and Coles,

Action speaks louder than fresh food marketing campaigns. Support our farmers and get involved in some meaningful climate action. Leaving the BCA is a good start!
James 2019-10-31 17:37:53 +1100
Melinda 2019-10-31 17:12:22 +1100
Ruth 2019-10-31 17:11:57 +1100
Both Coles & Woolworths both need to take their social responsibility especially to young people and future generations far more seriously.
Gavan 2019-10-31 16:50:36 +1100
Leigh 2019-10-31 16:31:42 +1100
Jennifer 2019-10-31 16:27:06 +1100
It is time for the leaders of big companies to start making the big changes we all need to make now
Astrid 2019-10-31 16:07:23 +1100