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Queenslanders, our sunshine state has the tools and talent to become a renewable energy superpower – and shift away from digging and burning fossil fuels that drive climate impacts.

Ramping up climate solutions now will create long-term jobs in our regions, help restore our incredible forests and slash climate pollution this decade.

But we need to act now and not let the opportunity slip through our fingers.

Sign the petition. We need thousands of us calling on our state government to invest in making Queensland a climate and nature champion.

Working together, Queensland CAN!

To learn more about how we replace coal and gas with clean energy and create jobs in future industries now, explore the Queensland CAN! report commissioned by ACF, the Queensland Conservation Council and World Wildlife Fund Australia.

Petition demands

We call upon the Queensland Government to:

  • Make our climate safe: Slash Queensland's climate pollution by at least half this decade; slash methane emissions from existing coal and gas infrastructure; ban new coal and gas infrastructure
  • Protect our nature: Establish an Environmental Protection Authority for Queensland; protect 100 hectares of Queensland forest this decade
  • Clean up our exports and create green jobs: Create a renewable-powered exports industry to replace coal and gas exports, with 100,000 climate-positive careers for communities; guarantee jobs for fossil fuel workers

Jobs we can create in climate solutions


Header image: Kerry Trapnell

Latest Supporters

Roger 2022-09-02 11:55:21 +1000
We have so much amazing nature here – but it is going fast. We need to become nature champions.
Graeme 2022-09-02 11:54:33 +1000
I want Queensland to be a climate and nature champion because I want the children of Australia and the World to have a future and enjoy the benefits that come from nature. I’m hoping that as a community we are slowly realising that there is more to life than money and materialistic items that start to lose their appeal once they’ve be been purchased. Nature is a living entity that needs to be nurtured and protected so it can nurture and protect us.
Christine 2022-09-02 11:54:28 +1000
Don’t destroy the place for monetary gain have a conscience
Andrew 2022-09-02 11:53:31 +1000
Cheryl 2022-09-02 11:52:57 +1000
Gordon 2022-09-02 11:52:21 +1000
It is now more urgent than ever that Queensland acts to curb carbon pollution and preserve the natural environment.
Sandra 2022-09-02 11:52:18 +1000
david 2022-09-02 11:50:00 +1000
Ralph 2022-09-02 11:47:19 +1000
Queensland has so much sun, wind and space that it would be financial folly not to use it. We also need to catch up with our efforts to protect the environment. Note that land with solar panels and wind turbines, with a little expert biological advice, can create new (or extended) ecosystems for flora and fauna that coal mines can’t.
Chris 2022-09-02 11:45:08 +1000
I want Queensland to become a world leading climate champion:
to protect our world-class natural wonders,
to make Queensland a sought-after and prestigious eco-tourism destination,
to create sustainable future-focused industry and jobs, and
to ensure future generations will enjoy Queensland’s natural beauty and a healthy lifestyle.
Please take this petition seriously as a positive sign of community interest and concern.
Karen 2022-09-02 11:44:27 +1000
Slashing Queensland’s climate pollution by at least half this decade
Making Queensland a renewable energy superpower and creating 100,000 jobs in climate solutions
Protecting Queensland’s nature to store carbon and establishing an Environmental Protection Authority for Queensland to oversee and investigate environmental decisions
Ricki 2022-09-02 11:39:36 +1000
Mary 2022-09-02 11:37:53 +1000
Ron 2022-09-02 11:37:31 +1000
Zabrina 2022-09-02 11:36:59 +1000
I Live Here
Frank 2022-09-02 11:35:39 +1000
I live here and I want to see progression for once.
Jaime 2022-09-02 11:35:18 +1000
Helen 2022-09-02 11:35:09 +1000
I want Qld to be a climate and nature champion because there’s so much wildlife just in your backyard and so many beautiful delicate ecosystems. We owe it to Qld and Australia to preserve the ecosystems. I moved here from Victoria because then trees could be found everywhere. You could hear frogs. U can’t see trees anymore in Victoria and I hadn’t heard frogs for over 40 yrs in suburbia
Maria 2022-09-02 11:33:58 +1000
Mal 2022-09-02 11:32:29 +1000
I want Qld to be a climate champion because we have the talent, the natural sunshine and wind resources, and the public desire to be a leader in australia on this, not a laggard.
Don’t condemn us to past mistakes, shift us inspirationally to a future our kids can flourish in!
Heidi 2022-09-02 11:31:40 +1000
Emma 2022-09-02 11:30:20 +1000
Come on QLD lift your game – nature is going to make us all of accountable and pay a huge price if we don’t change our ways to preserve what got — you never know we might even bring back a little of what we’ve lost if we move from a reactionary state to a proactive and energetic one🤞!
Leslie 2022-09-02 11:28:00 +1000
Ian 2022-09-02 11:25:43 +1000
Carole 2022-09-02 11:25:33 +1000
Jorja 2022-09-02 11:23:50 +1000
Peter Ford 2022-09-02 11:23:16 +1000
Mark 2022-09-02 11:22:05 +1000
I want the Qld government to be a champion for the environment because it is so important for all of our future.
Tracey 2022-09-02 11:21:35 +1000
I want Queensland to be a climate and nature champion because our irreplaceable forest, water & native animal resources are being threatened (& for short-term gain) by fossil fuel companies intent on making financial profits at the price of contributing massively to driving climate impacts. We need the Queensland Government to act NOW, before it’s too late, on meaningful protection of our natural environment & meaningful efforts to capitalise on our renewable resources & the already available talent to become a renewable energy superpower.
Joan 2022-09-02 11:21:33 +1000