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Woodside is among Australia’s largest polluting gas companies. Its plans to build the Scarborough Gas Project and Pluto extension would generate emissions over its lifetime equal to ten years of running all of the country’s coal-fired power stations combined!

No matter where it is burnt, the gas Woodside digs up is fuelling climate damage and destroying Australia’s precious places like the Great Barrier and Ningaloo Reefs, compromising the wishes of Traditional Owners and putting people’s health at risk.

How do they get away with it? Woodside, and other big polluters, are sponsoring and exploiting our favourite sports to buy a positive reputation. 

When Woodside plasters its logo across the purple hearts of Fremantle Dockers players, it’s paying for the connection and loyalty we feel for sports, and marketing themselves as a community-oriented brand – all so that Woodside can keep polluting.

We need to stop Woodside from using sports sponsorships to wash away their dirty image. That’s why, we're calling on people, no matter what footy jumper you wear or if you don’t support any team, to sign this petition:

Our teams are not for sale. We urge the Board of Fremantle FC to immediately end its sponsorship deal with Woodside Energy to protect the people, places, and game we love.

We will be delivering the voice of the community and your messages to the board of the Fremantle Dockers Football Club. Sign now and share!

Photo: David Sickerdick

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Jason 2022-11-28 17:21:00 +1100
Jude 2022-11-28 17:20:57 +1100
Teresa 2022-11-28 17:20:50 +1100
Anastasia 2022-11-28 17:20:48 +1100
There must be someone else who can sponsor you and promote a better future…?
Milan 2022-11-28 17:20:42 +1100
Clean up you act people there’s no sport when the temp hits 50.
Paul 2022-11-28 17:20:41 +1100
Freya 2022-11-28 17:20:36 +1100
Gabrielle 2022-11-28 17:20:25 +1100
Gregg 2022-11-28 17:20:17 +1100
Chris 2022-11-28 17:20:16 +1100
We know why you are trying to look like the good guy, but you don’t fool anyone.
Sylvia 2022-11-28 17:20:03 +1100
Please don’t have Woodside as your sponsor while they continue to follow their present business practices
Cynthia 2022-11-28 17:20:02 +1100
Jason 2022-11-28 17:19:59 +1100
Clean energy is a must. Stop being the cause of climate disaster. Look around at what you’ve done to our world.
Jillian 2022-11-28 17:19:48 +1100
Rex 2022-11-28 17:19:36 +1100
Jeanette 2022-11-28 17:19:22 +1100
Tom 2022-11-28 17:19:15 +1100
Margaret 2022-11-28 17:19:15 +1100
Impotent Muppets.
Rick 2022-11-28 17:19:05 +1100
Terril 2022-11-28 17:18:58 +1100
Susan 2022-11-28 17:18:57 +1100
Stop the expansion of Woodside! Do not allow them to sponsor sports as what they do does not equate to the healthy benefits of sport activities!
Ruth 2022-11-28 17:18:45 +1100
Chris 2022-11-28 17:18:31 +1100
SOphia 2022-11-28 17:18:31 +1100
Roger 2022-11-28 17:18:27 +1100
Jeremy 2022-11-28 17:18:22 +1100
Robert 2022-11-28 17:18:18 +1100
Richie 2022-11-28 17:17:48 +1100
Please Fremantle FC Board, consider that you are using the sponsorship of a climate wrecker company that will affect your children’s future.

You are being exploited.
Please reject Woodside.

Thank you.
Anne Minette 2022-11-28 17:17:48 +1100
You can’t buy respect!
Derran 2022-11-28 17:17:45 +1100