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Woodside is among Australia’s largest polluting gas companies. Its plans to build the Scarborough Gas Project and Pluto extension would generate emissions over its lifetime equal to ten years of running all of the country’s coal-fired power stations combined!

No matter where it is burnt, the gas Woodside digs up is fuelling climate damage and destroying Australia’s precious places like the Great Barrier and Ningaloo Reefs, compromising the wishes of Traditional Owners and putting people’s health at risk.

How do they get away with it? Woodside, and other big polluters, are sponsoring and exploiting our favourite sports to buy a positive reputation. 

When Woodside plasters its logo across the purple hearts of Fremantle Dockers players, it’s paying for the connection and loyalty we feel for sports, and marketing themselves as a community-oriented brand – all so that Woodside can keep polluting.

We need to stop Woodside from using sports sponsorships to wash away their dirty image. That’s why, we're calling on people, no matter what footy jumper you wear or if you don’t support any team, to sign this petition:

Our teams are not for sale. We urge the Board of Fremantle FC to immediately end its sponsorship deal with Woodside Energy to protect the people, places, and game we love.

We will be delivering the voice of the community and your messages at the Annual General Meeting of the Fremantle Dockers Football Club on 6 December. Sign now and share!

Photo: David Sickerdick

Latest Supporters

I have stopped supporting Freo and will stay this until this sponsorship is stopped.
Adrian 2023-01-04 03:23:21 +1100
Renée 2023-01-03 23:43:52 +1100
Lauren 2023-01-03 10:30:49 +1100
Fiona 2023-01-03 07:15:20 +1100
My wish for 2023 is that sports players everywhere would start to think about their sponsors ie the names that are plastered over their uniforms. If it’s a fossil fuel company and its still mining coal or gas in Australia, refuse to wear it.
Trevor 2023-01-03 06:59:04 +1100
Stop greenwashing PR spin
Patrick 2023-01-03 06:40:46 +1100
Lynne 2023-01-02 18:05:40 +1100
Jack 2023-01-02 14:21:47 +1100
Merrindal 2023-01-02 11:35:52 +1100
It is time to give all supporters of fossil fuels the boot.
Time for a positive change to renewable energy in Australia for all Australians and be a leader in the World of a better way to live for ALL.
Judy 2023-01-02 08:56:05 +1100
Most people know there is more sustainable ways to run our planet. I know it’s all complicated but we need to change in so many areas. No team should choose to let these greedy companies cash in while destroying our planet and it is all of our planets, not just ours now but all the generations to come. They need a good drop punt freo…give em the boot. No purple fog.
George 2023-01-02 04:06:26 +1100
Who else would sponsor such a hopeless team?
Richard 2022-12-30 09:12:29 +1100
Woodside have done little to make the world a better place and plenty to make it worse and indeed obstruct the efforts of others who do want to take a lead in the right direction.
Their conduct has been and continues to be unconscionable and exemplary in the worst possible way. It has no place in the Australia that most of us want our country to become.
You’ll be better off without them and I’m sure that you’ll get a better sponsor with minimal effort.
Give them the boot. Kick them out of bounds.
David 2022-12-29 15:13:42 +1100
David 2022-12-28 18:06:55 +1100
Marjorie 2022-12-28 09:54:46 +1100
Cate 2022-12-27 22:33:04 +1100
Katrina 2022-12-27 18:23:44 +1100
Michael 2022-12-27 16:21:59 +1100
Alexa 2022-12-27 09:36:55 +1100
Sport should give a positive image to the community. This cannot be achieved by promoting any fossil fuel energy company which is greedily destroying our world and all life on it. Time to stand up against it Freo. Please!
Lyn 2022-12-27 09:01:35 +1100
Thank you mere cerstmas
Mohammad 2022-12-26 18:51:46 +1100
Andrea 2022-12-26 11:49:04 +1100
Rob 2022-12-26 07:59:05 +1100
Bro 2022-12-26 06:19:25 +1100
Laura 2022-12-23 22:08:58 +1100
I object strongly to the cynical greenwashing strategies devised by companies such as Woodside and Santos. They are happy to help destroy the earth for financial gain and power over others.
Brian 2022-12-23 14:04:35 +1100
Hilary 2022-12-23 11:34:40 +1100
Just – please no gas emissions industry giants anywhere near sport for their sportswashing efforts.
susan 2022-12-23 06:08:58 +1100
Woodside is a major contributor to carbon emissions that create the climate damage we’re starting to see now.
Caroline 2022-12-22 12:57:44 +1100
David 2022-12-22 11:54:28 +1100