Siemens Australia has signed on to install the rail signalling for Adani’s climate-wrecking mine.

Only a few companies can do this work and, other than Siemens, they have all refused. Adani could have been left in the lurch. But Siemens are propping up Adani and its mine!

Climate damage is happening right now! Bushfires are ripping up our east coast. Smoke is suffocating Sydney. 

In an hour of need for the Australian people, how could Siemens sign a contract with Adani?

Send Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser an email now and let him know how you feel about him and his company being complicit in the climate crisis by helping Adani build its mine!

Together, we can send thousands of emails and make Siemens regret ever signing on to build Adani’s climate-wrecking mine.

The Galilee Basin – where Adani will build its mine – is one of the world’s largest proposed coal mining expansions. Digging and burning coal is the biggest driver of climate damage. And with bushfires, drought and heatwaves, Australians are feeling the damage, daily.

Thank you for standing up in these tough times. United we can all make a world where people, nature and wildlife come first. 

Send Siemens an email