After years of ignoring communities, the science and even their own investors, Woodside's time is up and its board must be held to account.

The climate movement can stop our biggest Aussie-owned polluter by being heard at Woodside's Annual General Meetings (AGM) where chairman Richard Goyder and other decision-makers will be put to the test by shareholder votes!

Our superannuation funds are some of the biggest investors in fossil fuel companies like Woodside, so their votes really count. In March, HESTA became one of the first major super fund to take a stand against Woodside directors on climate grounds. They are showing the way that other funds can do the same.

Tell your super fund about HESTA's championing of a safe climate future and ask them to use their investor power to put real pressure on climate-wreckers like Woodside. Be polite, but firm.

Talking points for your email

  1. Share who you are and how long you have been a member of the fund you're writing to
  2. Express why do you care about the planet and a safe climate
  3. Tell your super fund that HESTA is proposing alternative directors to Woodside Energy who have better climate credentials
  4. Ask your fund to announce that they also intend to vote against climate wreckers at the upcoming annual general meetings (AGMs) of big polluters like Woodside

If you are a member of HESTA, you can instead send them a note of support.

If you are a member of an ethical fund or self-manage your super, you can sign our open letter to the industry to step up their pressure on fossil fuels.


Header image: Australian Super members call for the fund to champion a safe climate future. Photo: Lisa McLean