HESTA became the first big superannuation fund in Australia to publicly challenge a fossil fuel company at the board level on climate grounds. This is huge! 

HESTA are proposing alternate board members with better environmental credentials to replace directors like Woodside Energy's Richard Goyder who are presiding over climate destruction. 

This is a loud message to Woodside and Australia's other polluters that HESTA will use its voting power to stop big climate wreckers at upcoming Annual General Meetings.

If you are a member, write to HESTA today to encourage them to continue to stand up for the planet.

Funds care what their members have to say, so each message will be warmly received. If you want to stand out, you can personalise the email with details about how long you've been a member, why you are passionate about our planet and nature, and what future you'd like to see for coming generations to retire into.