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Adani has allegedly broken the law again and started drilling on their mine site.

As exposed by the ABC, Adani has allegedly drilled six groundwater bores on the site of the Carmichael coal mine, even though their water plans have not been approved by the Queensland state government.

This is outrageous.

While 57% of Queensland is in drought, Adani is allegedly drilling into precious aquifers, before receiving important approvals designed to protect groundwater and endangered plants and wildlife.

The Queensland government has the power to immediately direct Adani to stop work.

Last year, Adani were fined for dumping polluted coal water into the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. And after sustained public pressure, the Queensland government announced they will prosecute Adani for this damage. This is a huge win! It shows that when we speak out together, we are powerful.

Now we need to push the Queensland government to protect our water, the lifeblood that sustains our dry, brown country.

Sign the petition to tell Premier Palaszczuk and Environment Minister Enoch:

Protect our water, enforce Queensland environment law and stop Adani drilling. If investigations show they broke the law, prosecute Adani.

Thanks to our allies Coast and Country and Environment Defenders Office Queensland for their work in exposing the drilling.

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