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Australia’s plants and animals are under threat. Our combined voices can protect them.

We have one of the worst records on extinction in the world. 56 more Australian species have just been added to the international red list of threatened species –bringing the total to 1,830 Australian species in danger!

The nature crisis is global. Habitat destruction is threatening Tasmanian Devils and Sumatran tigers alike with extinction. The Great Barrier Reef is collapsing, so is the Amazon.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek can make Australia a global leader for nature – but they have to show up.

This means attending the 15th conference to the parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) in Montreal in December, and advocating for strong global nature goals that unite and hold governments and business accountable worldwide to protect and restore the natural world that sustains us.

Sign the petition calling on the federal government to:

Lead on ambitious global goals for nature to halt and reverse biodiversity destruction and achieve a Nature Positive world by 2030 at COP15.

That means championing clear and measurable goals and targets, backed by domestic commitments to:

  • End extinction and recover threatened species
  • Restore the ecosystems we’ve already degraded
  • Embed the value of nature in all government and business decision-making
  • Recognise Indigenous rights and stewardship
  • Protect at least 30% of the planet’s land and oceans.

Want to understand more about how global goals for nature will help Australia's own endangered plants and animals? Read our blog from Nathaniel Pelle, ACF's Business and Biodiversity Campaign Lead, then sign the petition and invite friends and family to add their names too!

Header photo: Jean-Paul Ferrero/AUSCAPE

Latest Supporters

Kathleen 2022-09-12 18:28:59 +1000
I want to to see more ambitious Climate Goals because I think that we should aim big to do as much as we can for the planet, even if we fall short rather than aiming low. I want Australia to be an example to other countries, as well as taking advantage for this industry for our citizens benefit
Jack 2022-09-12 18:16:51 +1000
There has been too much degrading of the environment for decades! It’s got to stop.
Duncan 2022-09-12 18:13:26 +1000
Cherie 2022-09-12 18:11:10 +1000
I believe the Australian government is lagging behind the rest of the developed world in terms of environmental protection.
Simon 2022-09-12 18:06:52 +1000
All creatures great and small are very important to me.

And all the hlory and beauty of nature.
Coram 2022-09-12 17:49:02 +1000
I want our government to commit to end extinction and recover threatened animal and plant species. We need to protect at least 30 % of our land and oceans and restore the ecosystems we have already damaged. We urgently need to stop approving any new fossil fuel projects.
Christine 2022-09-12 17:29:16 +1000
Holly 2022-09-12 17:17:28 +1000
I want a strong stance for nature as we all depend on it and already too much damage has been made to it.
Time for action no more words!
Jean Marie 2022-09-12 17:11:05 +1000
we need ambitious goals for nature as it it the only world we have and the only world we are gong to get, We have done so much damage in such a short span of time but now have the ability to stop repeating out mistakes and can harness green energy. Stop approving more and more fossil fuel project and pour government monies into renewables and encourage the fossil fuel companies to spend there gross profits on green projects not more polluting projects
Fiona 2022-09-12 17:02:41 +1000
We only have this one planet.
Olwen 2022-09-12 16:46:41 +1000
Ruben 2022-09-12 16:18:54 +1000
Keep our earth green
Natalie 2022-09-12 15:57:27 +1000
Tracey 2022-09-12 15:35:51 +1000
Rosie 2022-09-12 15:18:55 +1000
Pamela 2022-09-12 14:36:34 +1000
The action around climate change naturally protect native flora and fauna.
Helen 2022-09-12 14:16:20 +1000
We can’t go back and start again. We need to get this right…now. before it’s too latem
Trish 2022-09-12 13:56:42 +1000
Jessica 2022-09-12 13:37:40 +1000
Neil 2022-09-12 13:05:53 +1000
Jacqui 2022-09-12 12:39:40 +1000
Neil 2022-09-12 12:38:49 +1000
We have a moral duty to protect and enhance the environment for all living species, to maintain ecosystems for future generations.
Fran 2022-09-12 12:14:29 +1000
Kieran 2022-09-12 12:13:36 +1000
I want ambitious goals to be set for genetic-biocontrol technology for pest control and eventual eradication of feral pests in Australia and embed the value of our unique natural flora & fauna in all government and business decision-making processes
Peter 2022-09-12 12:11:07 +1000
I want ambitious global goals for nature because if we don’t, there will be more climate refugees then ever before. People that contribute the least to the damage with be disproportionately affected – and that’s not cool at all.
Maddie 2022-09-12 11:40:33 +1000
David 2022-09-12 11:13:42 +1000
don 2022-09-12 11:01:40 +1000
Ambitious goals now saves so much flora and fauna for the future of our grandkids.
Christine 2022-09-12 10:50:26 +1000
Andrew 2022-09-12 10:47:08 +1000