Email Premier Palaszczuk: Ask for a real Renewable Energy Target for Queensland

Right now, far too many people in Queensland still don’t have access to clean, renewable energy. We just don't have enough big clean energy projects to power our state with the sun and wind.

In the coming weeks, Premier Anastacia Palaszczuk can change all that when state cabinet meets to decide how to deliver its target of generating 50% of Queensland’s electricity with clean energy by 2030. 

The Premier has a choice. Her government can implement steps to deliver a strong renewable energy target. 

Or it can set a hollow target that doesn't put Queensland on a path to clean energy and instead imports it from interstate. 

2017 is an election year and this is Palaszczuk's biggest test so far. 

Here's what Palaszczuk should do to make a real target to put Queensland on the path to a sun-powered future:

  1. Set an interim target for Queensland to generate 2500 megawatts of renewable energy by 2020

  2. Make the 50% clean energy by 2030 target law and set it as a minimum, not a maximum

  3. Set interim targets and reviews every five years to track Queensland's progress and give business certainty

  4. Phase out coal and gas-fired power

  5. Deliver large-scale clean energy projects across our state

Write your email in your own words – it's much more impactful that way! And remember to be polite and respectful. 


Let's not leave our sunshine state in the dark ages with dirty old energy that’s damaging our climate, threatening our reef and harming our communities.

We have all the sun and wind we need, plus gifted scientists and far sighted entrepreneurs who can rapidly bring the innovation to power our whole state with wind and sun.

All Queenslanders should be able to enjoy the jobs and opportunities of these exciting new industries – industries that are good for our communities, our living world and our future.

A strong target will put our state on a path to a future powered by clean energy – a future that’s better for everyone, all creatures great and small.