The Palaszczuk government just announced they aim to cut pollution to net zero by 2050. It's a great start, but their policy says nothing about a swift transition from polluting coal and gas to clean energy. No funding has been set aside to make it happen. And there are no clear steps to get us there.

Premier Palaszczuk has a chance to prove she’s serious about global warming ahead of the state election.

The Labor Party’s Environment Action Network (LEAN) has put a grassroots proposal on the table for big solar projects for the Sunshine State.

The projects would create enough energy to power almost a third of the state. That’s around twice as much as Queensland’s biggest coal-fired power station!

Will you write to Premier Palaszczuk and tell her to get serious on climate and back this incredible sun-powered proposal?

Writing a letter from scratch packs a lot of punch. If the Premier hears that thousands of Queenslanders love this bright idea – she’ll get behind it too.

Let’s make Queensland the sun-powered state!