Adani has the approvals it needs to start building its disastrous coal mine. And now it seems they have someone to help build it.

The culprit? International engineering company GHD. We’ve received a tipoff that the company has just signed on to help Adani build its climate-wrecking, water-guzzling mine.

GHD claims it supports “environmentally and socially responsible operations”. But working with Adani to build one of the biggest expansions of coal mining on planet Earth doesn’t sound very responsible to us.

Together we need to show GHD that the majority of Australians don’t want Adani’s disastrous mine. And that working with them would be a bad idea. Not just for our planet – but for GHD’s reputation, too.

Send a personal email to GHD executives – ask them not to work with Adani on their disastrous Carmichael coal mine and rail project.

Sending an email in your own words is powerful. If you like, use the following points to help you get your message across:

  • Adani’s mine is a climate crime – a crime against humanity and our planet.
  • Burning coal is the biggest cause of climate damage, yet the Adani mine would be one of the biggest expansions of coal mining on planet Earth.
  • The best scientists have given the world 12 years to get climate damage under control. This means rapidly replacing burning coal with clean, renewable energy.
  • By backing clean energy and refusing to work on dangerous projects like coal mines, companies like GHD can provide solutions to the climate crisis. Not be part of the problem.