Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party are on the verge of announcing the climate policy they will take to next year's federal election.

Right now, this is Labor’s chance – and more importantly a chance for us – to lift Australia up from the back of the global pack and towards responsible climate action that sets a hopeful course for our future.

That means halving pollution by at least half this decade. 

Halving climate pollution this decade means powering our buildings, transport, industry and exports with clean energy and healing nature to store carbon.

Halving climate pollution means supercharging Australia’s economy, and creating hundreds of thousands of future-proof jobs for communities.

This is the vision all our elected representatives should be bringing to the next election. 

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The leadup to the federal election has kicked off. Both major parties are rolling out their big policies and visions for the next three years.

And what Labor does will not only influence votes, but can raise the bar for the Morrison Government and their so far irresponsible approach to addressing the climate crisis.

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