We can’t solve the climate and extinction crises all by ourselves but together we can

Join thousands of people from across Australia raising our voices for real climate.

This is our moment.

Since the 2019 federal election, pressure from big business and world leaders on the Australian government to cut climate pollution has skyrocketed. So has community and business support for the solutions that will get us there – clean energy everywhere, clean transport and restoring nature.

This year’s federal election comes just a few months before November’s UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt, COP27, where Australia must present the world with a serious plan to rapidly cut climate pollution this decade.

Our leaders are not taking climate action seriously. It’s up to all of us to make them act.

Together, we must surround whoever forms our next federal government with powerful voices from across our communities, demanding they ramp up the climate solutions that are here now, so we can cut pollution by more than half this decade.

By banding together we can make our voices more powerful than big polluters. If you’ve never taken action before, now is the time.

“I want action on climate change because things are changing year after year. Our Country's getting hotter, our food less and less each season. It's good for our people to go out on Country and build ourselves, and when the Country is okay, we are all okay.”

Nuria, Leader, Marta and Mungarla Country, WA

Climate damage is here, now. But the solutions are here and ready so we can slash pollution by more than half this decade.

Done right, we can all share the benefits of climate solutions - cleaner air and water; affordable, reliable cleaner energy; jobs in growing industries. And we can protect the people and places we love.

Together we can:

Save our big backyard

Create strong national nature laws that will protect and restore our forests, wetlands and bushland for our climate and for the animals that call them home.

Create energy independent communities

Power our schools, government offices, sporting clubs, halls and libraries with affordable, clean energy by 2025.

Travel clean

Take pollution out of transport. Save our health and climate with more accessible public transport and electric cars, running on clean energy.

Send our sunshine around the world:

Australia can become a clean energy superpower in the next decade replacing coal, gas and uranium exports with renewable energy.

Move the money

Banks and super funds move our money out of coal and gas. Get coal and gas money out of politics and put people back in.

"Climate action is understanding that no matter if you're nine years old or 60 years old, you can always make a difference."

Billie Tristam, Student, QLD.

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Together we can surround our decision makers

Call for climate action now

Join more than 20,000 people in the Together We Can movement

Send solutions to your MP

Put forward climate solutions to your elected representative before the election

Grow the movement

Learn how Together We Can is helping people find their voice for climate action

Read the policy agenda

Check out our in-depth vision for a safe future for climate and nature in Australia

Together We Can raise our voices together and build a broad movement for change.

Australia’s largest climate poll showed 61% of voters support cutting climate pollution by at least half this decade. Now we need our elected representatives to see the vision our communities have for a climate and nature-positive future, and that people from all walks of life are speaking up.

That’s why we are a proud partner of the Together We Can movement. With our allies, we’re inviting friends, family, businesses and communities to share their demands for climate solutions.

Together, we’ll surround our government with a cross-section of voices that forces them to act. We’re making our presence visible like never before, with eye-grabbing signs for climate action now, local events and having conversations in their communities. We’re delivering our favourite climate solutions to MPs before the election, and then once more to our new government on the lawns of Parliament in Canberra.

Add your voice to the movement and call for climate action now.

Create energy independent communities

Let's power all public buildings, such as schools, government offices, sporting clubs, halls and libraries – with affordable, clean energy by 2025.

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Save our big backyard

Our lives and livelihoods depend on thriving nature. We need strong national nature protection laws to stop Australia’s worsening extinction crisis, and support nature as a climate solution.


Travel clean

Let's take pollution out of transport, and save our health and climate. We can run our buses and trains on clean energy, make electric vehicles cheaper, and install electric vehicle charging stations across the country.


Send our sunshine around the world

Australia is one of the sunniest, windiest places on earth — we have huge opportunities to power our lives with clean, renewable energy this decade and export our sunshine to the world.


Move the money

We can strengthen our democracy by getting coal and gas money out of politics and putting people back in.

Our financial giants like banks and super funds must move the money out of polluting coal and gas, and into clean energy.


We have climate and nature solutions at our fingertips.

If we act now: we can cut pollution, create climate and nature-positive jobs, and secure a better, fairer future for all Australians.