The NEG, or National Energy Guarantee, is the federal government’s proposed energy plan which undermines our clean energy future.

If it goes ahead, the NEG will put the brakes on our transition to clean energy by locking in more polluting coal and less solar and wind into our electricity system.

In fact, the NEG is so bad it would actually create more pollution from electricity than if our federal government did nothing.

We can stop this madness. Email your State or Territory Energy Minister now and ask them to reject the NEG in its current form. 


In its current form, the NEG is diabolical for our planet. If it goes ahead, it will:

  • Put the brakes on our transition to clean energy and lock polluting coal into our energy mix for decades to come.
  • Mean our federal government won’t meet their already low 2030 climate targets.
  • Mean whoever forms our next government will inherit a dangerous climate policy that they may be unable to change until 2030.

Any federal climate and energy policy must:

  • Enable the electricity sector to lead the way in cutting climate pollution, consistent with Australia's commitment to the Paris climate agreement.
  • Speed up the replacement of polluting coal power with clean energy from the sun and wind.
  • Distribute the benefits and costs of the policy fairly, without handing even more power to big polluting companies.


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