The Advocacy and Campaigns network is helping their groups to run powerful and strategic local campaigns, that help us all to have big national wins for people and the planet. 

Join the network today to run strong campaigns in your local community, and connect with others doing the same from across the country. 

We all support and train one another, meet up on webinars every second month and stay in touch on our own slack channel. 

Once you join the network, you'll get training and support for:

  • Supporting your group to develop a local campaign strategy in alignment with ACF's national strategy
  • Developing a relationship with decision makers in your area
  • Coordinating your group's efforts to engage with decision makers (e.g. in lobbying meetings, candidates forums, bird-dogging)
  • Coming up with creative tactics to help meet your strategy goals 

People who join the Advocacy and Campaigns network love:

  • Researching the policy and politics of an issue
  • Thinking about and engaging with politics
  • Helping your group to think through political and campaign strategy
  • Engaging with decision makers

Complete the form on this page to join the Advocacy and Campaigns network!


Banner image: Julian Meehan