Australia's Climate Change Minister is currently at the UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai, but he is set to fly home without committing Australia to end government handouts for international coal, gas and oil projects.

All of us must urge him right now to sign on and stop Australia funding new coal, gas and oil overseas! 

Send the pre-filled letter to the Climate Change Minister now

Note: You can also edit the letter to include your own message before sending.

What the pre-filled letter is asking the Minister to do:

  1. Sign the Glasgow Statement and commit to stop government handouts for coal, gas and oil projects overseas.
  2. Get tough on methane emissions. That means improving tracking and accountability of big polluters' methane emissions and a national plan to drive those emissions down.
  3. Continue backing renewable energy climate solutions. Nuclear is a high-risk, high-cost distraction that will only delay our efforts to slash carbon emissions.