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Write a message of support for renewable energy in our communities.

It's time for us to say yes to wind and solar solutions that will let us stop burning coal and gas.

The future of the communities, nature and people we love depends on us saying yes to wind farms and solar panels necessary for powering our lives with renewable energy and stopping the use of destructive fossil fuels.

Write your message now and say yes to renewable energy before 4 February

Communities in the Illawarra and Hunter are gathering in their streets to say yes to renewable energy in their community on Sunday 4 February. 

While they turn out on the streets, we'll post the messages we receive (from people across the country) on social media.

Together, we'll help show that people and communities from all over Australia say yes to renewable energy now.

The best way to stop the climate impacts from burning coal and gas is urgently building projects in all our communities that ramp up our renewable energy supply.

It's a big task. Renewable energy can only succeed in kicking out fossil fuels if we loudly and urgently welcome it into the Illawarra, Hunter and all our communities. 

It's time to say a resounding yes to wind and solar solutions to protect wildlife, oceans, forests and people. 

What can you include in your message?

The first thing to include is your support for renewable energy, here are some examples to inspire you:

  • I'm a big fan of renewable energy
  • I want renewable energy in my community 
  • I say yes to renewable energy now

It's also good to elevate the benefits of renewable energy, again here are some examples for you to draw upon:

  • Creating more renewable energy is Australia's best way to stop burning fossil fuels like coal and gas that are fuelling extreme floods, heat waves and fires in our communities 
  • Climate damage, fuelled by burning fossil fuels like coal and gas, is here now and it's burning and washing away threatened species' habitat. Our best solution is urgently building solar and wind farms in our communities to power our lives with renewable energy. 
  • Urgently ramping up renewable energy is critical to protecting the communities, nature and people we love from climate devastation. 

Latest Supporters

Jo 2024-05-03 13:49:51 +1000
I want renewable energy now! Please say no to coal and gas. No to fossil fuels. No to polluting and killing our animals and environment. Please, we are in crisis. We need to act now.
Emily 2024-05-01 13:19:45 +1000
Helene 2024-04-26 16:00:57 +1000
Roxi 2024-04-25 16:32:01 +1000
Bernie 2024-04-24 23:46:14 +1000
We need to facilitate this ASAP via local govt and federal govt intervention for the future of our grandchildren , nature’s preservation and to cut emissions by 2028!!!!
Anita 2024-04-24 12:09:44 +1000
Renewable energy is clearly a sensible way to ameliorate climate change.
Carolyn 2024-04-24 09:38:10 +1000
I want renewable energy in my community – we have to stop using gas, coal, fracking and other sources of energy that destroy our environment and take up wind, solar, wave and any other renewable sources of energy. Climate change is here. We need to act NOW.
Beth 2024-04-23 21:08:30 +1000
leanne 2024-04-23 20:27:21 +1000
i want more renewable energy in my community now. The past summer heat in Western Australia has been extreme beyond my past experience of summer in Perth. I think this is a clear sign that climate action needs to be “stepped up” by the whole community, governments and private organisations, both big business and small business. .
Patricia Anne 2024-04-10 10:34:47 +1000
Bailey 2024-02-28 15:46:16 +1100
I want renewable energy in Australia now!
Marilyn 2024-02-17 15:41:49 +1100
I want renewable energy!
Aiden 2024-02-11 12:30:00 +1100
Conrad 2024-02-11 12:29:36 +1100
Muriel 2024-02-07 06:51:08 +1100
We need renewable energy. Coal won’t last forever.
Emma 2024-02-06 15:39:05 +1100
Karen 2024-02-06 15:35:00 +1100
Wind & solar are renewable energies that must replace fossil fools.
Graeme 2024-02-05 17:22:52 +1100
Gabriele 2024-02-05 10:17:26 +1100
We are facing a planetary health emergency. A fast transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is the most important step Australia can take to protect human health, biodiversity, and the health of our planet. We must act urgently, and with all the sun and wind in Australia it just makes sense.
Rebecca 2024-02-04 16:26:42 +1100
Please accelerate the transition to 100% renewable energy as fast as possible.

Fossil fuels are destroying our climate and should be phased out altogether.
Richard 2024-02-03 08:22:46 +1100
Renewable energy is the only way to go!
Judith 2024-02-02 21:01:21 +1100
Solar and wind… here in abundance. It just makes sense.
Chris 2024-02-02 20:52:05 +1100
Anne 2024-02-02 17:46:36 +1100
Renewable energy is the way forward, away from dirty, polluting fossil fuels that harm our health and our planet.
Renewable energy needs to be rolled out to all communities as soon as possible, especially those who can’t afford to do it themselves. It’s a great opportunity to more fairness in our community.
We’re already running late in the clean energy transition – let’s just get on with it!
Genevieve 2024-02-02 11:43:54 +1100
Renewable energy is clean healthy energy that is good for our planet and good for people.
Kate 2024-02-02 10:34:14 +1100
Andrew 2024-02-01 15:27:59 +1100
Jennifer 2024-02-01 14:44:59 +1100
I want renewable energy for my community now. I am travelling at the moment and can’t support you in person but want you to know I think we should all have access to renewable energy and better recycling of those resources. We also need better designed homes that are more self sufficient and make better use of the energy we have and that use less energy for all.
Annie 2024-02-01 07:58:14 +1100
We have had roof top solar electricity and hot water for over 20years and have added more panels and batteries, to become almost independent of the grid. We now run 2 EVs and an E-bike on solar power. Not everyone who would like to can afford to. Many who can afford to, sadly don’t . We desperately need more renewable energy for all Australians.
Small individual actions help too , eg.using public transport, walking or cycling, wearing temperature appropriate clothing, turning off unneeded lights , insulating roofs and windows, and ensuring all new roofs are light coloured, reducing consumption of non essential goods.. Also holidaying in places accessible by land or water to avoid flying.
It is up to us to save our planet .
2024-01-31 22:23:07 +1100