Platypus sightings displayed on the platy-project map.

This September, the platy-project invites you to head down to your local creek or river, find a quiet place to look for a platypus, and record what you see.

Sign up today to explore the platy-project map, which gives you the power to learn about your local platypus and hatch a plan to spot one in the wild:

  • Browse recorded platypus sightings going back decades (including from last year's platy-project).
  • Explore your local area for a good spot to start your own search for a platypus.
  • Log your activity after you look for a platypus.
  • Find and RSVP to platypus spotting events being held in your local area.
  • Register and promote your own local platypus spotting event.

Everything we learn at every creek, river and waterway equips scientists and campaigners with crucial information to advocate for the protection platypuses need.

Our combined efforts right across the platypus' home range will give this reclusive icon a brighter future!


Banner image: Martin Pelanek, Shutterstock.