To all Members and Senators of the Australian Parliament:

The bushfire crisis continues to devastate communities and wildlife on an unprecedented and alarming scale. 

Intensifying drought and heat are making bushfires larger, more destructive and frequent. This is climate change and the root cause – burning polluting fuels like coal – is making it worse.

We urge you to use this moment of crisis as a turning point. Let’s move forward together, as a nation, and not look backwards at a decade of division and missed opportunity. We call on you to stand with our communities, wildlife and places we love and:

  1. Rapidly replace coal with clean energy, stop any new coal mines and fund a transition plan for affected workers and communities.
  2. Massively increase funding for long-term wildlife and ecosystem recovery and create strong national environment laws to protect nature and end extinction.

This is too important for party politics. Please step up and act so our communities and wildlife have a thriving future.