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Citizens' Climate Lobby Australia will hold it's annual NSW/ACT conference on Sunday 24 June starting 11 am; optionally followed by a day of structured meeting with MPs on Monday 25 June starting 9 am (training in meeting structure provided on Sunday evening).

Venue: Sunday – YWCA House, 71 Northbourne Ave Canberra
Monday (optional) – Parliament House Canberra.

Speakers: Dr John Hewson, Prof Andrew Blakers, Dr Dennys Angove, Dr Darshini Heaney, and Dr Kim Loo.

Dr Hewson is an experienced economist, former Leader of the Liberal Party, and well-known supporter of action on climate disruption.

Prof Blakers is one of Australia's most highly regarded scientists in the renewable energy field and is proposing a brilliant scheme of small pump-storage sites next to solar and wind electricity generators.

Dr Dennys Angove has retired from CSIRO, is now a university lecturer in managing greenhouse emissions, and also gives talks to the general public.

Dr Darshini Heaney and Dr Kim Loo are practising GPs. They are members of Doctors for the Environment Australia and Citizens' Climate Lobby group leaders. They will talk about the health impacts of climate disruption.

All are invited.

Cost: free for conference (donations accepted) – does not include food or accommodation.

"I hate to be a kicker,/I always long for peace,/But the wheel that squeaks the loudest,/Is the one that gets the grease." - Josh Billings 1870.  Squeaking at the MPs can do no harm. (Last time we got a mention in Hansard.)

More information can be found at, which is a two-page brochure. On the first page it would be good if you clicked on “Conference Registration”, a link to register for the event. (The link works with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, possibly not with Firefox).

See you there!