Superannuation funds manage over 3.4 trillion dollars – a whopping one-third of the economy. That includes billions of our retirement savings invested in coal, oil and gas companies.

A growing number of super funds have been calling on fossil fuel companies such as Woodside and Santos to stop pursuing projects that risk our climate. As investors, our super funds have the power to vote down fossil fuel company directors who continue to back climate-wrecking projects. But not enough super funds are using their super influence.

Find your super fund on this page and send them email to demand they use their voting power and influence to be a voice for you and the planet.

As a member of your fund, you have an influence. It's your money that your super funds use for investments and you can and do have a say in how it's used.

To increase your impact, you can edit the pre-filled email with additional details about how long you've been a member and why you're passionate about a safe climate for all.