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Right now, nearly 2,000 Australian animals, plants and ecosystems are at risk of extinction. And it's getting worse.

Ruthless nature-wrecking corporations and developers are bulldozing the forests and grasslands they call home. And our governments are doing little to stop them.

In North Queensland, nationally protected greater glider possums face being wiped out from their forest homes to make way for cattle farming.

And it's not a one-off. In 20 years, habitat destruction has driven glider numbers to drop by 80%!

It should be illegal to send plants and animals extinct. But our system for protecting threatened species in this country is fundamentally broken. We don't have the laws to protect the critical habitat our wildlife need to survive and our government isn’t doing anywhere near enough to support their recovery.

Sign the petition calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Environment Minister Sussan Ley to:

Create a new generation of national laws to protect nature and funding to restore ecosystems to bring our wildlife back from the brink. 

Because we live on an incredible continent, and it’s our responsibility to look after it.


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Emily 2019-09-04 19:31:03 +1000
Andrew 2019-09-04 18:48:42 +1000
Wildlife and habitat protection is always on the last place in this country! Economic benefit is always on the number one spot, no matter what, clearing habitat off course, causing more climate change, causing more fires, more flooding which destroys more habitat. Smart innovation where wildlife and habitat conservation are preserved as well as economic benefits in a sustainable way needs to happen!! Not the quickest way to make a buck. Be smart! Be bold! And create the laws to stop extinction!
Karin 2019-09-04 18:40:03 +1000
Chloe 2019-09-04 18:31:28 +1000
Diversity is crucial
Annette 2019-09-04 18:15:46 +1000
This descecration must stop!
Joseph 2019-09-04 17:31:20 +1000
Why are you so determined to wipe out our rare and precious wildlife? Have you no conscience at all?
Rachel 2019-09-04 16:55:27 +1000
Cheryl 2019-09-04 16:53:09 +1000
Brett 2019-09-04 16:42:55 +1000
Leah 2019-09-04 16:41:03 +1000
Liam 2019-09-04 16:36:39 +1000
Katrina 2019-09-04 16:33:36 +1000
Anna 2019-09-04 16:32:46 +1000
I find it really disheartening to think that anyone would even consider destroying these precious habitats. We must protect the natural world!
Charlotte 2019-09-04 16:26:15 +1000
Sophie 2019-09-04 15:56:38 +1000
Lesley 2019-09-04 15:56:24 +1000
Zac 2019-09-04 15:56:23 +1000
Morris 2019-09-04 15:55:08 +1000
Josh 2019-09-04 15:49:46 +1000
Janice 2019-09-04 15:33:06 +1000
Save these precious habitats from destruction, save our animals, save our land
Janine 2019-09-04 15:28:20 +1000
Leanne Cameron
Leanne 2019-09-04 15:13:22 +1000
Shannen 2019-09-04 14:48:48 +1000
We need to desperately protect the natural world. Too many bushfires are burning the land. I have recently visited central Australia. I saw no wildlife because these fires have burnt millions of acres of land. Too much land clearing is being done also destroying habitat. Our natural world needs the soils plants flowers insects lizards snakes native mammals up to the dingo. The trees and bush are vital for a healthy eco system. We must protect all of this to be able to live on this Earth. Act now as before it’s too late.
Wendy 2019-09-04 14:30:19 +1000
Elise 2019-09-04 14:29:20 +1000
Jai 2019-09-04 14:29:20 +1000
Whilst it may not be illegal…(and why isn’t it?) it is certainly immoral to cause so much destruction as to lead to species extinction. In say, a city, that would be an act of terrorism! And as such it still is for another species. You, gov employees are complicit in so many ways ….. making you all terrorists no less.
M 2019-09-04 14:16:07 +1000
Jean 2019-09-04 14:09:36 +1000
Jacki 2019-09-04 13:45:37 +1000
Stacey 2019-09-04 13:38:35 +1000