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Students paying off their HECS debts generate more than twice the government revenue than gas companies paying Australia’s gas extraction tax (Petroleum Resources Rent Tax). $4.9 billion from students, $2.3 billion from gas companies like Woodside. 

And what is our federal government doing with that money? Well, last financial year they handed out $9.77 billion to climate-wrecking fossil fuel industries. That’s $18,588 a minute.

It's outrageous, but we can stop this gross mishandling of public money! Last year thousands of people in the ACF community called on the Australian Government to end handouts for international coal and gas handouts, then the government listened and did what we asked.

Now in the leadup to May's federal budget, let's call on our government to end the billions of dollars of handouts for coal and gas at home. 

Sign the petition now before a local ACF Community group hand-delivers the petition to the Treasurer in May.

Petition demands

"To the Prime Minister, Energy Minister, Environment Minister and Treasurer:

End coal and gas in Australia to ramp up climate action. That means:

  • This decade, replacing existing coal, gas and uranium exports with a renewable-powered exports industry and climate-positive careers for communities
  • No new coal and gas projects or infrastructure
  • Stop spending public money on the fossil fuel industry – fund climate solutions instead."