As we approach the mid-point of the Albanese Government’s term, nature in Australia still remains in a perilous state. The government has promised some good things, but their actions do not go far enough to protect the nature and wildlife that still flourish in our big backyard – or restore the places and ecosystems that have been damaged

We must keep up the pressure on our elected representatives to protect nature.

Will you take 5 minutes to write a clear, concise, respectful message to your Labor Senator or Senators?

Suggested structure for your email:

  • Introduce yourself: Mention your name, where you live (so the Senator/s knows you live in the state or territory they are responsible for) and briefly why you care about protecting nature in Australia.
  • Briefly explain the issue you are concerned about. You might like to say that:
    • The government’s commitment to zero new extinctions is good, but is not backed by the laws that protect the critical habitat our threatened species need to survive and recover.
    • While the government has committed to fit-for-purpose laws that will protect habitat and restore public trust and confidence in our environmental laws, progress towards this has been slower than promised.
    • Industrial logging of native forests and land clearing continues to push species like the Greater glider and Swift parrot to the brink of extinction, while contributing to the climate crisis by destroying our natural carbon stores.
  • Ask for action: Urge your Senator/s to speak up for strong laws that protect wildlife and ecosystems from destruction and a fully independent environment protection agency to enforce these laws.
  • Thank your Senator/s for their time and sign off.

You may also like to view the full mid-term nature report card to help write your email.

Is your local Member of Parliament (MP) also in the Labor Government? Email your Labor MP too, to build support at all levels of government.


Header: Annette Ruzicka