We’ve crunched the numbers, analysed sustainability reports and surveyed top-tier businesses to identify the BIG 10 – ten Australian businesses who can have a BIG impact on protecting nature and our climate.

They are banks, super funds, insurers, infrastructure gargantuans and supermarket giants. Banks and super funds can protect our living world by moving billions of dollars out of fossil fuels and into clean energy. Supermarkets depend on pollinating bees, healthy soil, thriving rivers – so they can become trailblazers by setting targets to protect nature in their work, and lead the way for the rest of the business community.

As well as taking real action, big business have powerful voices to influence public policy. When business speaks, government listens.

And it’s more important than ever. A climate-wrecking gas expansion, deconstructing our environment laws – our Government needs some policy advice, pronto.

Big business is super sensitive to public pressure. Every time we have written to businesses, we’ve got a huge reaction, and set off alarm bells in boardrooms.

Will you send this pre-filled email to any of the BIG 10 asking them to do something big for climate – divest from fossil fuels by 2030 – or do something big for nature – become a nature champion?