Are you a shareholder, customer, member or employee of a Business Council of Australia company?

Whenever climate policy in Australia gains momentum, the BCA springs into action, trashing it with alarmist Tweets and media comments, helping certain coal-loving politicians to undermine climate action. 

But the BCA is really just a bunch of CEOs from big companies. Like Telstra, Medibank, Commonwealth Bank and Google. Companies with shareholders, and customers, and staff, and members… people like us! 

Unlike the BCA, these member companies are well-known brands, sensitive to public opinion. They’ll pay close attention when they see us mobilising their customers, shareholders and staff – and they’ll think harder about letting the BCA do the dirty work of undermining climate action.

Fill out this quick survey so together we can target them!

Together, we can unleash a huge wave of customer dissatisfaction and demand these companies publicly set the record straight: Which side of history are they on?

Read the full story and watch the video to see how the BCA is undermining climate policy in Australia.