Send an email to the Prime Minister's office, sharing your concerns about the dangerous and unfathomably expensive AUKUS submarine deal.

What to say in your email

Introduce yourself (your name, where you live) and share briefly how you feel about the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal and its shock announcement. Tell the Prime Minister's office where you'd like to see $368 billion spent in the middle of a cost of living, nature, and climate crisis.

Then, please include our collective demands by sharing this message with the Prime Minister:

Immediately rule out any possibility of:

  • Domestic nuclear power in Australia
  • Australia acquiring, or facilitating the use of nuclear weapons. Australia must now sign the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
  • Australia becoming an international high-level nuclear waste dump

What's wrong with the AUKUS submarine deal?

This deal has compromised many fundamental principles of living in a democracy. AUKUS didn’t have public input. AUKUS didn't go before Parliament. And AUKUS wasn't part of a mandate for the Albanese Government when it was elected last May.

This is especially unacceptable when we consider how much was spent on this deal. It’s public money that could be used to protect and restore large swathes of our country. To future-proof us against escalating climate impacts. To ensure our precious creatures survive and thrive. To assist communities impacted by fire, flood, drought, storms, and poverty. 

The acquisition of these submarines is a mistake that risks increasing pressure on Australia to further expand nuclear industries, impacts and dangers.

The high-level waste that is produced by these submarines will last for tens of thousands of years. Safe storage of this waste is expensive, compromises First Nations and rural communities unequally, and is not guaranteed.

If you need help sending the message to the PM, email us at [email protected].


Photo: Charly Triballeau/AFP/Getty Images. A storage cask for high-level radioactive waste is loaded onto a cargo ship for delivery to Australia