Join environment groups, industry and unions in calling Treasurer Jim Chalmers to invest $100 billion in renewable energy over ten years to accelerate Australia’s much-needed phase-out of climate-wrecking fossil fuels – send an email to the Treasurer, now.

The Treasurer has publicly said that his government needs to take more action so that Australia's energy transition does not "fall short".

Now is the time for him to take action.

The Mid-year Economic Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) in December is the biggest opportunity outside of the federal budget to secure new government funding. 

The Treasurer should use MYEFO to boost public funding for renewables to create a safer climate. With our urging, he can.

Here's some tips on how to write a good email:

  • Briefly introduce who you are, what community you are from and why Australia's energy transition matters to you
  • Make a clear demand to the Treasurer, ask him to "invest $100 billion in renewable energy over ten years, backed by smart policy, to decarbonise our economy and provide benefits to transition communities"
  • You can also ask the Treasurer to stop handing public money to the fossil fuel industry that is most responsible for driving climate change
  • Be polite, thank the Treasurer and his office for taking the time to read through, and tell them you expect a reply.