These wonderful people were remembered by their loved ones with a gift to ACF in their name over the last 12 months.

Mr Rudolf Anders
Ms Margaret Barnes
Ms Margaret Boston
Mr Murray James Cooper
Ms Jennifer Anne Crook
Mr Justin Dunbar
Dr William Elford
Mrs Anne Fien
Mr John Frances
Ms Coral Garradd
Mr Kingsley Gregg
Ms Suzi Haworth
Mr John Hollingshead
Mr Peter Jelliffe
Mr Alex Johnston
Ms Elizabeth Kourtis
Dr Rob Lesslie
Mr Rob Lucas
Mrs Margot Lustig
Mr Shea McNeece-Doley
Ms Harriet McKnight
Mr David Meyers
Mrs Barbara Murphy
Mr Roger Neave
Mr Renee Josef Oudeman
Mrs Winifred Parry
Prof William Rawlinson
Ms Pat Rose
Mr Denis Sikiotis
Mr Steve Silberer
Mr Rafe Slaney
Mr Craig Telfer
Mr Mark Thomas
Mr Les Thompson
Ms Heidi Watson

To make a gift to the Australian Conservation Foundation in memory of someone special, please contact Charles Rozario on 1800 223 669 or make a donation online.