The following people have been honoured by loved ones with a gift in their memory during the past year.
We pay tribute to their values, connection to nature and wishes for a better world.

Margaret Andresen
Helen Aston
Annie Boxall
Julie Anne (JAC) Clegg
Holly de Castella
Jenny De Garis
Brian Elder
Dr Beryl Evans
Peter Harris
Mr Ulrich Kehren
Dr Rob Lesslie
Doug MacLennan
Dr Neil Mckilligan
Peter Nadolny
Dr Martin Neudert
Conrad Oppen
Winifred Parry
Val Pither
Lauren and Jack Prefol-Chapple
HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Dr William Riedel
Florence Rigby
Pamela Sherlock
Margaret Sim
Amber Thiel
Norman Thompson
Sylvia Diana Tresidder
Igor Van Der Waerden
Heidi Watson
Dr Nikki Watson
John David Worland

You can make a gift in memory of someone special through our online donation form or by calling 1800 223 669.
If you have any questions, please contact us on 1800 223 669 or [email protected].