These wonderful people were remembered by their loved ones with a gift to ACF in their name over the last 12 months.

Ms Julie Bonython
Dr Barbara Clissold
Mr Dennis Craney
Dr William Elford
Lady Jennifer Herron
Mr John Hollingshead
Mr Angas Hopkins
Dr Olive Johnston
Ms Ruth Ley
Ms Isabel McCallum
Mr Robert McFarlane
John Francis O'Reilly
Mr Iain Paterson
Mr Hans Penning
Prof William Rawlinson
Mr David Stofberg
Dr Keith Walker
Mr John Warren
Ms Heidi Watson

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Angas Hopkins, ACF Councillor 1997 – 2008, Botanist
Remembered by his colleague and friend Andrew Higham, past ACF Councillor

A Queenslander by birth, Angas Hopkins was also a fully-fledged Sandgroper, and as a campaigner and Councillor of the Australian Conservation Foundation fought doggedly, not just for the professionalism the environment movement needed, but more importantly for constant reconnection and rejuvenation through volunteerism and grassroots participation. Angas saw it as his duty to constantly reach out to young and budding environmentalists and help them find their place in the movement.

Along with a shrewd sense of strategy and political acumen, Angas was also very generous in sharing his deep knowledge of the Australian landscape. Indeed, much of what is known today of the intricate system of vegetation types and ecological systems throughout the West stems from his incessant study, mapping and field trips over the years.

Angas always brought warmth to any room or conversation. All that knew him will still be able to hear his distinctive and infectious chuckle, rolling deep from his heart, and see the impish twinkle in his eye, reflecting his raw love for life.