The unfolding bushfire tragedy must strengthen our resolve to come together and demand climate action.

Our elected representatives must demonstrate the same courage as those on the front lines of this crisis, and work together to build a thriving future for all of us – free from polluting corporations, powered by clean energy.

Email your local Member of Parliament and ask them to: 

  • Rapidly replace coal with clean energy, stop any new coal mines and fund a transition plan for affected workers and communities.
  • Massively increase funding for long-term wildlife and ecosystem recovery and create strong national environment laws to protect nature and end extinction.

As your elected representative, your local MP has a duty to listen to you. And at times like these, politics can shift quickly.

Right now, we have an opportunity to appeal to the very best in our elected representatives to turbocharge climate action. Whether you've never written to your MP or have written lots, now is a crucial time to let them know how you feel. 

Photo: Annette Ruzicka/MAPgroup