The costs of inaction on climate change far outweigh the costs of cutting pollution.

In response to more selective modelling being used by the Coalition to attack even modest policy proposals to cut climate pollution, the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) has pointed to some basic facts on the real costs of climate change.

In response to the latest 'carbon cost' scare campaign, ACF’s Climate Change Program Manager, Gavan McFadzean, said:

“Do we really need another round of partisan political rubbish and dodgy modelling on climate change policy? Is three decades of this nonsense not enough?

“Australians are suffering from climate damage right now. We just had our hottest summer on record. We had unprecedented bushfires devastate forests in Queensland and Tasmania that were previously considered too wet to burn. We’ve had worsening drought across large swathes of eastern Australia. And a million fish died in the Darling River.

“A good government would act responsibly and implement a comprehensive climate change strategy that sensibly exits our country from coal burning, accelerates clean energy and drives us towards a pollution free-economy by 2050 while looking after workers and communities.

“Political leaders that argue against strong climate policy knowingly inflict more climate damage – including worse heatwaves, drought and bushfires – on the communities they claim to represent. They are putting people’s lives at risk.”

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