No matter where coal and gas is burnt, it drives climate impacts, here and across the world. 

Take the following quiz, and get the answers as you go, to help ACF understand what people think and know about replacing polluting coal and gas exports with renewable exports. Your responses will help us become stronger and more effective advocates for climate action.


There is growing momentum to stop using coal-fired power domestically (the Queensland government has committed to phase it out by 2037). But new coal and gas projects in Australia, like Woodside’s Scarborough project, are still being approved, chiefly for exporting coal and gas overseas. No matter where the coal and gas are burnt, it drives climate impacts like more extreme floods and fires in Australia and worldwide. 

To meaningfully slash climate pollution this decade, we must now build momentum to replace coal and gas exports with renewable-powered exports. That starts with raising the public awareness of the climate, community and economic benefits of Australia becoming a renewable exports superpower. First we win hearts and minds. Then we shift the politics.

Your responses will help us be a stronger, more effective voice for phasing out coal and gas, and switching to renewable exports – so we slash pollution for a safe climate. 


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