As the urgency and scale of the climate crisis becomes clearer, sadness and anger can be overwhelming.

The reality of climate change issues can be even more daunting when we feel like the world is continuing on with business as usual.

Climate anxiety, also known as ‘ecoanxiety’, or ‘ecological grief’ have all been used to describe the impact climate change is having on our wellbeing.

We know how you feel. It’s the reason many of us were drawn to become a part of the ACF community. We felt a pull to make a change and a need to deal with some of the stressors and fears we experience when thinking about climate change.

This resource provides helpful tips to support you to deal with the stress of knowing the reality we face but also to manage the feelings which arise from the threat itself.

There's also some great tips to help you identify next steps in taking action.

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Header image: James Thomas