Following the Federal Member for Warringah Zali Steggall’s announcement of an urgent climate action and adaptation bill in response to the bushfire crisis, the Australian Conservation Foundation has called for a national response ‘beyond politics’.

ACF Director of Engagement Paul Sheridan said:

“When nations have faced similar threats or when at war, leaders have risen above political differences to ensure the country remains resilient and united. That is what is needed now.

“People, all over, have responded, have come together, and demonstrated the true character of Australia. Now is the chance and moment for our political leaders to rise above and beyond politics to address the root causes of this bushfire crisis, not simply the symptoms.”

Mr Sheridan urged the Prime Minister to put a lost decade of political gamesmanship on climate change policy behind the nation and make decisions in the same way the Rural Fire Service does – based on science evidence.

“Our fire experts are warning that this bushfire crisis is no one-off. Other, potentially much worse, fire events are likely in the future if we don’t to take action to reduce such devastating impacts.

“Australians are looking at you, Prime Minister, and expressing their wish for you to take the country forward on climate change.

“We can and must build our resilience to climate damage, such as the scale and frequency of these bushfires.

“That will require an approach beyond politics, based on hard evidence, to address the root causes fueling this and other climate-driven events.

“We already know that hard evidence is showing that the digging up and burning of coal is the main driver of climate change and is the source of Australia’s significant contribution to climate change.

“If we fail to address the root cause, we will fail those communities that will have to face other crises in the future.”


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